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Cinematic Wedding Videography

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Wedding Videography in NH/MA/ME/VT/RI/CT

So you are looking for a wedding videographer? And your wedding is in New England? Therefore look no further. Because LiFi Media Production is the best wedding videography company. Most importantly, we capture professional audio. Therefore creating a film that will move you to tears. But we are wedding videographers AND editors. Therefore we have been through all stages of the process.

Consequently we love our clients. And they love us. Our relationships are important. And continue long after your wedding day. So see why our couples trust LiFi Media Production

Above all contact us now and become our next happy couple. Moreover, we will show you why you MUST HAVE wedding videography!

Allie + Ryan Wedding Highlight Film - September 10th, 2022


Capture your wedding day. With quality audio, video, and lighting. For example, wedding photography captures moments. But wedding videography records the voices. Secondly, the emotions. Lastly, vows as they were on your wedding day. Therefore, don’t feel regret. But instead relive your wedding day over. And over again. And you will be glad you hired us.

LiFi Media Production

Our storytelling is authentic. But heartfelt. And emotional. Because our style is visually pleasing. We are trained to film candidly. But we also capture important moments! So learn more about us. And visit the about us page.

DOCUMENTARY Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is where we excel! And we chase love stories all across New England. But when you hire us for wedding videography. First, we focus on capturing the maximum amount of audio and video. But we stay out of the way. Therefore we can retell your love story. But without being disruptive.

So contact us to preserve your wedding memories. And for years to come you will cherish them. And ensure they are never forgotten.


Here is where we provide wedding videography. And where we have filmed weddings. But we are more than open to discussing traveling. Most importantly we will film where you are getting married!


This is for engaged couples. And to educate on wedding videography. Therefore this can help you understand filming a wedding video. But if you weren’t planning on getting a wedding video. Then you should at least read this. And if after you still aren’t sure. Certainly schedule a call with us. And we can walk you through the process. And explain what we can and cannot do. So click the button below. And take advantage of this FREE resource!

Bride and groom wedding videography wedding films


We capture your wedding day moments. But naturally as it unfolds. And we tell your story. But with the leading wedding videography techniques. Then with our experience we catch all the details. But without getting in the way. Because we want you to enjoy your wedding day without interruption. 

Also we do not over book. Therefore our availability is limited. Because that way you have our full commitment. And attention during your wedding. For instance we only book a set amount of weddings. And we can deliver excellent quality wedding videos. But with a very quick turnaround. So don’t delay. And contact us today for a free consultation

Investment In Wedding Videography And Preserving Your Love Story

So we know weddings are expensive. But you didn’t do all this planning to not document it properly. So that is why we offer our base package at an initial investment of $3,900. So please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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