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Why You NEED Wedding Videography: You Cannot Listen To A Photograph


Wedding Videography 101 YOU CANNOT LISTEN TO A PHOTOGRAPH! Did that get your attention? Woman kissing man on stairs with shoes off Congratulations engaged couples! I am going to explain why you NEED a cinematic wedding film and hopefully save you the regret that 99% of couples experience whom forego wedding videography. First, and most importantly, you cannot listen to a photograph. While getting traditional photography for your big day is vital, it has its limitations. Looking back on a photograph only serves to trigger memories, which as we know will fade with time. A cinematic wedding film includes professional audio from the day that includes your voice, your partner’s voice, the voices of your friends and family, the words of the officiant and DJ, sounds that photography alone cannot capture. In these sounds lives the emotion of your wedding day, the nervousness, anxiety, excitement, joy, and love. Hear your partner’s voice as they read your letter, their reaction during the first look, and your vows as they were heard on that day. Bride and groom looking into each others eyes smiling on their wedding day If that wasn’t enough of a reason to get a wedding video… Second, you can’t be in multiple places at the same time. A wedding day is complex, and you will spend the better half of the day away from your partner. A wedding film allows you to watch what was happening when you were not present. Not only that the day will go by so quickly you may miss certain things that happened or were said because you were distracted by your crazy cousin Anthony who may or may not have had too much to drink! (Sorry Anthony!) Man dancing on the floor Third, weddings are not cheap, and most couples only do it once. Wouldn’t you want to memorialize this incredible event and every detail that you planned for years in advance? Someday you will want to show your wedding film to your children so they can learn about what true love is. You may wish to look back to this video to remember and hear the voices of loved ones who have passed on. Click here to see what our past couples have to say about their wedding film. Also check us out on Zola to read more reviews! You can make a slideshow of your wedding photographs and add music, but that won’t bring you back to your wedding day the way a cinematic wedding film does. Click here to find out how we can help you document the most important day of your lives, and if you don’t choose us, please choose a wedding video. Thank you!! -Mike Gentile, Wedding Videographer

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