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Video Production Portfolio

Past Video Production Projects

Our corporate video production and wedding videography clients. Span across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. And have benefited from and enjoyed our video production. But below you will find our work broken up into different categories. And each category has a playlist of videos that you can watch. So click here to  see our full catalog of video production work. And make sure you visit, like, and follow us on social media. Contact us today!

Wedding photography bride and groom looking into each others eyes smiling on their wedding day wedding videography video production
Drone aerial cinematography video production digital video advertising wedding videography

Wedding Videography Portfolio

So wedding videography is one of our passions. And we love telling the story of your love. And documenting your wedding day as it unfolds. First we emphasize techniques of cinematic wedding videography. And we capture amazing imagery. And use top of the line audio equipment. Because we want every word, whisper, and breath documented. So watch some of our films below. And you will see why. Because our couples have rated us 5-stars, everywhere.

CORPORATE Video Production Portfolio

Corporate video production is any video content that is filmed for business purposes. And we service our corporate video production clients throughout New England. But, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. And any where from a small business to a major corporation. So we have the videographers with the experience and gear needed. To deliver an incredible and engaging video. So watch some of our past videos below. And see why our corporate video production clients trust LiFi Media Production. To help their business communicate and grow. 

TV COMMERCIAL Production Portfolio

Most businesses believe that TV Commercial Production is out of reach for their business. But that just isn’t true. Because your company can have a TV Commercial produced. And that will drive new customers to your business. And help you close sales. And increase your return-on-investment. Because our award-winning TV commercials have helped numerous organizations. Across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Reach the furthest corners of their market. And you can too! So see our work below and contact us today. And we will set up a free consultation. Where we will walk you through all the planning. And scheduling of TV Commercial Production.

MUSIC Video Production & ENTERTAINMENT Portfolio

Music video production and entertainment films are some of our favorite projects. Because our style is cinematic. And with an emphasis on emotion. And impactful story telling. But our videographers and cinematographers will guide you through all the stages of production. And help you turn your vision into a beautiful work of art. So if you are in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Connecticut. Then our music video production and entertainment film divisions are ready to help you. So view our past work below. And contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 

Short Film & Documentary production Portfolio

LiFi Media Production is New England’s leading short film and documentary production company, serving all 6 states, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. If you have a story to tell our video production experts are ready to help you craft the script, find the location, hire the crew, screen talent, manage production, and guide you through the post-production process. We enjoy telling stories with emotion and utilize music and sound engineering to immerse the viewer in the film. See our past work below and lets set up a time to discuss your project. 


LiFi Media Production has had the great fortune to be a 4-time award-winning video production studio serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New England and beyond. We are very proud of all of our work but we are especially proud of the videos below that have received recognition from industry professionals serving on award panels for competitions like VEGA Digital Awards, MUSE Awards, NYX Video Awards, and more. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can start planning YOUR next award winning film.